Dear Sir/Madam,

           Our Company's Income opportunity class will be taken for one and half hours for all the new comers. This will not be a Marketing, Sales. This is a new concept and it will be a work from Home and office based income opportunity. You will be informed about the nature of the job, the kind of the job whether Part time, Fulltime, Sunday and you will be briefed regarding your income plan which will be given in English Language.


If you ask any suggestions and opinions of the income opportunity to other invaluable persons who donít have brief knowledge about the concept, the company will not responsible for your actions.


If your Actions are against to the company, legal action should be applied. This income opportunity sector provides income for long time and it depends upon your income facts and needs with your unemployment situation and additional income that to convert your valuable time into money. There is no opportunity for doing part time or home based jobs in your sectors. But we are providing all these facilities and responsibilities in our company.


         You can clarify your Questions after the class with the contact person or with the companyís development officer. The Presentation class is fully free. For the Application of the Quality Persons, Registration fee of 3 $(3 Dollars) will be charged from Vision Foundation. Registration fee is not refundable after the class.


Those who are not able to attend the class during the allocated time will be considered for rescheduling according to their convenient time and date.


NOTE:      If you are interested click the Accept Button.                                

  * Condition apply